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The Winning Edge series follows coaches, teams and athletes in the pursuit of victory. Revealing the latest innovations in data analytics, design and psychology. Stay ahead of the competition, beat your rivals and achieve unparalleled success. You can apply the same methods used in elite sports to win in business. 
The series sponsor, DXC Technology is one of the worlds best IT stack solution services but few outsides of the IT B2B sectors know who they are or what they do. 
The mission: Help build brand awareness and reach.
The solution: Align DXC with the dynamism and innovation of Winning Edge, using the films series as a hook for C-suite decision-makers, revealing the striking parallels between sports and business. Advertising the series through The Economist global channels with a supporting series website and a targeted social ad campaign to ensure audience engagement.
Deliverables: Research and development report, Film brand ID, in-film graphic messaging, photography, conceptual UX design, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, site build, print and digital advertising, social teaser clips. 
Results: 13.5M views, 137Hrs watched, 64% lift in brand sentiment

Analysing data from The Economist users and DXC customers I found that on average film content was viewed at lunch on a desktop or tablet. Mobile engagement came in surprising low. 


The concept: A horizontal, swipe-able site, reflective of sports, lines of movement and landscape. With this in mind, I A/B tested horizontal and vertical desktop and mobile designs. The horizontal layout won hands down. 

Light touch animated interactions using CSS3 and HTML5 helped to emphasise brand personality. Fast-paced video clips introduce the user to the series, auto swiping to the first episode. The user can swipe through each episode or click the floating navigation bar to view a mix of video, podcasts and articles.

Issues: Sponsored content (podcast, articles, videos) had to be positioned equally to the films, significantly reducing screen real-estate, forcing content to fight. The solution: A collapsable right-hand rail, repopulating content on page-load to reflect each episode. 


The world's changing, how can we make the right choices for the future. 


The future of fashion is in the balance. What can we do to slow it down? 

Helping brands define & deliver their story. DanVirgo specialises in building premium websites, brands & marketing campaigns.


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