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A three-part series highlighting the issue of fast fashion and what we as consumers can do to slow the global industry down. Illustrating retails under growing pressure to adapt, focused on sustainability to attract a new market of conscientious buyers and beat off the competition.  

The series sponsor, Woolmark a not-for-profit global authority on the quality of Australian wool and promoter of clean, sustainable manufacturing. The mission: Help build brand awareness, educate on initiatives and further the brands reach.
The solution: Align Woolmark with the education and innovation of InFashion, using the films series as a hook for C-suite decision-makers, revealing the negative effects of plastics, the state of our water ways and the innovations helping to reduce polution. Advertising the series through The Economist global channels with a supporting series website and a targeted social ad campaign to ensure audience engagement.
Deliverables: Research and development report, Film brand ID, in-film graphic messaging, photography, conceptual UX design, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, site build, print and digital advertising, social teaser clips. 
Results: 6.8M views, 148Hrs watched, 80% lift in brand sentiment

Launch live site

The hero video loop guides the user through a busy street of retailers and shoppers at high speed, symbolising the series title and the film's narrative. The bold blocky film ID plays on the attitude of fashion, reflecting the series concept using Din Condensed cut out of a white block to reveal the background's moving image, like looking through a window or doorway to another world. The desktop site uses CSS parallax scrolling techniques to animate and control each section as the user scrolls. The title of each episode animates overlaying video loops to also reference the 'in' and 'out' of fashion. A total of 3 films and a client-owned brand film were produced with 3 supporting print, banners ads and website.










The print ads are seen by over one million subscribers to the Economist print publication. Released weekly during the length of the series campaign. Conversion from print to the web has never been an easy task but with the help of QR code CTA’s and smartphone QR camera readers we’ve seen an average 10% click-through rate.















The world's changing, how can we make the right choices for the future. 


Analysing data to perfect marginal gains in sport and in business

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