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Alphabet is a leading global provider of business mobility solutions. Founded in 1997 in the UK as a division of the BMW Group, Alphabet's expertise in car and commercial vehicle management helps companies to manage their corporate mobility effectively and sustainably.

I was contracted by Ustwo as Design Lead to join the Alphabet team Malmo to collaborate on a set of new features and rebranding for the Alphabet App


The goal was to improve the customer experience, increase app traction, and add value to align with the CEO's 2023 repositioning of the app as the central focus of the business. 

My first task, extrapolate the design thinking from an external agency's work on Alphabet's new brand identity and marketing website and adapt it for mobile. 

Focusing on four main regions, the UK, France, Germany and Spain we created a set of purposeful, in-app features to assist drivers on long or short journeys, making Alphabet the perfect pocket companion.

We refined the visual design to be cohesive, and trustworthy with a more playful personality. We also crafted a new easy-to-spot icon for the App.

Based on user feedback data, the redesign resulted in improved customer satisfaction, increased traction, and overall added value and use to the app."



The Apps new icon design is a reflection of unwavering reliability, exuding trustworthiness and recognition. With a solid and timeless aesthetic, it embodies the essence of a top-tier app. The hot pint keyline, drawing in from the centre, symbolizes the journey that lies ahead, capturing the spirit of progress and adventure. It's a powerful visual narrative that speaks to users, evoking a sense of trust and confidence, while hinting at the exciting path ahead.

App icon/Loading screens



Home screen features UI/UX and brand image creation


The UX design approach is centred around the needs of drivers, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience while they are on the go. The design is optimized for easy thumb-able interactions, allowing drivers to access essential features effortlessly. 

I crafted the image style to encompass the concept of "Abstract in the real world" by seamlessly integrating key features and services that nod to the emerging metaverse and virtual digital worlds. Through my design, the image tells a compelling story, illustrating not just the human element but also movement, vehicles, distance, and signs that add depth to the narrative.

Damage report feature

Fleet drivers are to report vehicle damage promptly and with detailed information. To address this, I designed a guidance tool that empowers drivers to provide accurate and comprehensive data about their car damage, eliminating the need for costly call centre support.

Designed with a user-centric approach, keeping the drivers' convenience and ease of use front of mind. It provides step-by-step instructions and prompts, guiding the driver to provide the necessary information about the damage.

The guidance tool's success is attributed to its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, ensuring that even drivers with limited technical expertise can easily navigate and utilize it.


More on this project soon...


Time Out Global

A new direction focusing heavily on binding globals apps for iPhone, Andriod and IOS


The Economist

A new division within the global group delivering broadcast quality content to over 10 million subscribers 

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